On the founding team for launching and building Shopify Plus presence in APAC.

UI Design


Testing & UX

In 2018, I joined the fastest growing and best eCommerce platform in the world! Shopify. Shopify has grown exponentially over the last few years and when I first joined, I was part of a very small remote team in New Zealand/ Australia who worked with a new enterprise Shopify product called Shopify Plus. Our goal was to help expand Shopify's presence and market share in Asia Pacific. As team of about 6, we did everything from working directly with customers, holding free events, spreading the word about Shopify and providing feedback on how the product needed to adapt to the Asia Pacific market back to Canada.

Alot of firsts at Shopify:

  • first time in a fully remote team
  • first time using a co-working space
  • first time going to Canada
  • first time in a customer facing role
  • first time working with an emerging/ new product (Shopify Plus)